clipscale postmortem

welp i did it. 48 hours, first solo jam, and i managed to pump out a game. this is the postmortem of clipscale.

after the to ten themes were announced on the discord, i started brainstorming ideas for most of them. limited view was my least favourite out of all of them. i had an idea in mind for some of the other themes, so i began creating that game, hoping for a strike of inspiration. when i went to grab my favourite font, @managore's m3x6, i saw his game windowframe. windowframe was created for a ludum dare sometime back, where the main mechanic was resizing a window. i took this idea and made it my own, with a resizing window and viewport depending on health, and ammo. i had random level generation implemented, and character movement was nice and smooth, and it was only the first 2 hours! it took me the next 2 hours just to get the window sizing to work. once that was done, with some help from the gamemaker discord, i started playing around with enemies, and found the window sizing too jarring. oh well,  time for bed.

on the second day, i showed my game to some friends, and they also found the movement jarring, so i had to scrap the idea. instead, 4 borders were put into place, left and right for health, and up and down for ammo. these borders worked much better than the window sizing itself. finished wrapping up the enemy ai and combat system, and started implementing a shop system. points collected from combat and collecting the later implemented health packs could buy you guns such as the rectified, named after the daft punk song from the tron soundtrack. there were also 2 guns named after consumerjunk and annoyedcactus, because they were on the discord and wanted some. sure. shop system done, started on music and sound. after bosca ceoil crashed twice, i finally got a decent track out, and bfxr was bfxr: perfect. end of day 2.

day 3 and i just had to fix everything. everything. collisions were broken due to my garbage level generation, fixed that, you could start on dungeon 2, fixed that, everything fixed left and right, until i had to make a boss fight. which i didn't do. i just skipped it and added a text crawl at the end. and a special little something.

in conclusion it was fun.



p.s. gmtk later this year maybe omg.

the end.


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Mar 03, 2019

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